Our ideas for end-of-day rituals to find inner peace

Image Our ideas for end-of-day rituals to find inner peace

Humanity has different conceptions of when a day starts and when it ends. For example, the modern calendar we are using says that the day starts at midnight and ends before the clock signals the end of the new day. However, the bible and the Jewish notion of time is totally different, as it maintains that the new day ends at sunset and it starts again after sunset.

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat often mentions in his teachings that it is possible to attain peace. Yet, he also said that the world is certainly hungry for peace and there are always conflicts somewhere in the globe. These quotes by the peace meditator seem to be difficult to understand, as they seem to be contradictory.

The feeling of anxiety that he had in his childhood when seeing the plights of the patients must have come back in his mind. He believes that everyone is looking for peace.

Our tips on the ideas for end-of-the day rituals to inner peace

Pray and meditate for some time

Practice Giving Thanks Mindfulness in your room. It consists of thinking deeply about what has happened during the day, and be grateful to everything and to everyone. Smile and feel optimistic because everything was done on a purpose.

Despite some possible worries, stay grateful and keep a happy face. Give thanks to God for everything and for the precious gift of life, as Prem Rawat said in his words of peace. You can visit https://www.tprf.org/prem-rawat/ to learn more informations about Prem.

Remove negativity

Negative emotions are harmful and have devastating effects in life. They spread negative waves which can also impair those who are around us. With the mindfulness meditation, it is possible to focus your attention on a specific thought and redirect your thought so that negativity will be eliminated.

Practice this meditation in order to overcome any situation which might have made you worried during the day. Ask for assistance of a spiritual coach if you have never practiced it before.

Listen to your heart

This step might unusual for those who are beginners in spirituality. When people have difficulty, they tend to seek for advice from their peers and from their neighbors. Quite often, they get responses and supports from them; however, the solutions are not appropriate to the problem.

That is because they will never become aware of what your heart really needs. Instead of the daily habit of seeking people's help at first hand, it is vital to ask yourself first and listen to your heart. This is better f accompanied with a prayer, though. Initially, it might be difficult to do, but you will eventually learn it. There is no other best guide and counselor than your heart.

Do a daily philanthropic act

To find serenity, it is not engaging, as far as time is concerned, to give alms every day. It can be done by setting aside some money to the neediest and give it to them when you see them on the way to work or to college.

Taking care of the orphans, the widows and the oppressed individuals are satisfying because if you do so, your award will be inconsiderable. Therefore, the more humanitarian acts you are involved with, the more you attain inner tranquility.