What to do when you lack time for yourself and be at peace?

What to do when you lack time for yourself and be at peace?

Who is not looking for peace in today's hectic life? Exactly, that is the reason why the peace ambassador Prem Rawat said in his teachings about peace that it is essential to attain inner peace in order to create a peaceful world. However, it is obvious that many people have developed negativity in them that conflicts can be found in most societies and communities.

People generally do not have enough free time to relax and enjoy themselves. Thus, it is not surprising that some have turned out into selfish, aggressive individuals. But can we do anything to achieve serenity despite being overwhelmed with our occupations?

What can you do to be at peace if you lack time for yourself?

Practice the breathing techniques

Breathe in and inhale pure oxygen to fill your abdomen. After that, breathe out and exhale carbon dioxide in order to get rid of the toxins in the organs and in the body. Repeat the process 8 times and you can do so as often as possible especially if you feel stressed out. Such technique helps maintain the heartbeat normal.

In addition, it helps prevent increase in blood pressure. While you are breathing in and out, tell yourself that everything is going to be fine, and there is nothing to worry about. Such phrases are sometimes essential to promote positivity and eliminate any feelings of uneasiness instantly.

Spend some time in your Zen space

Spending your free time at your Zen space at home helps unwind and feel at peace even though you only have 15 minutes to stay there. For example, when you get back home after a hectic day at work and nerve-wracking time inside the heavy traffic jam, it is a good idea to take a shower and then take some time at your Zen space.

If you do not have any specific space where to be at peace, it is crucial to create one, maybe within your bedroom, where visitors would not get in. This is the place where you can unwind even for a short time each day. The space can be used for meditation and daily prayers.

Listen to music

Music is characterized by its power to change the mood of its listener. In addition, song lyrics can transmit messages of peace which can affect the belief and attitude of its listener. For example, reports say that people who usually listen to hard rock music have a difficulty to attain inner peace.

And the sad truth is some of them even commit suicide because of the negativity which arises from the kind of music. In contrast, peaceful individuals usually pay attention to peaceful songs and relaxing music with melodious voices and instruments.

Other pieces of advice

  • If you lack time for yourself but you want to attain serenity, it is advisable to exercise indoor. For example, buy a good video on dancing fitness exercises and start your routines at home at a fixed schedule. Exercising at home saves you more time than going to a gym to keep fit. 
  • Be a minimalist at home and avoid storing unused things at home. Once a bottle is empty, it is a good idea to get rid of it, instead of keeping it to fill the storage space in the refrigerator or in the kitchen. Keep your bedroom relaxing by avoiding over-decoration in it.

Do everything in due time

Procrastination is putting something you can do today at a later time, or for the next day. To be at peace, it is essential to do your work little by little; try to avoid procrastinating and doing all the work in the last minute.

Procrastination is just another way to chase your peace from within. To stay serene, it is primordial to enjoy the precious gift of life as Prem Rawat's quote has it, and be happy.