How to create a Zen space for children?

How to create a Zen space for children?

A Zen space for children consists of a specific area within the children's room where they feel comfortable and safe. For example, after class, children can go to the Zen space to remain peaceful. A Zen space for the small ones is where they can unwind after stress and worries at school.

As the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said in his messages of peace, what everyone is looking for is serenity. It is true that children are also hungry for peace. Therefore, to nurture peace among children, here is a guide to build a Zen haven for children.

Keep their room simple and natural

  • To develop tranquil mind in children, it is necessary to keep natural colors when it comes to the walls and the pieces of furniture in the children's bedroom. 
  • For the best impact, avoid decorating the children's room with flashy colors, like orange, pink, or red. In addition, dark colors tend to create a feeling of negativity in them. Instead, it is helpful to inspire yourself from the colors of nature, which are blue, green and white. 
  • To stimulate serenity in children, it is advisable to paint the walls in peaceful colors, which are either light blue or light green. Light pink is also serene to look at.Beside this, use some white to complete the nuances of colors.

Set a space for playing

Set a specific area where children can easily retrieve and rearrange their toys. The ideal is to have a large box to put small pieces of toys like cars, toy soldiers, or toy animals.

Apart from that, it is advisable to make the toy room more attractive with hanging decorations and posters on the calls. Teach children to keep their play room well organized by having them put back all the toys in their respective places after playing. This is an essential part of the child rearing because it enhances a sense of responsibility and organization in children.

Set a space for meditation

Right from early childhood, it is important to teach children to connect to God each day. This is a good way to transform them into pacific beings, and to cultivate hope and love in them. Once a week, it is a good idea to spend some time with the children to talk about the most important values to become Zen.

Such values include inner peace, harmony with the others, love, faith and love. For this purpose, it is necessary to allocate a space for daily prayer and meditation.

Opt for minimalism

By keeping children's room simple, it can promote peace because the fewer pieces of furniture there are, the easier it is to move freely inside the room. Children like to play indoor, and minimalism will give them more space to wander freely inside the room.

Avoid over-decorating the walls; instead, decorate every room at a minimum. Children can become overwhelmed with too many collections of paintings or posters or even photos on walls. Minimalism contributes largely to serenity inside the room.

To sum up, it is essential to keep the children's room simple to make it a Zen space for them; and to your children attain inner peace, as Prem Rawat said in his teachings, it is vital to live in a Zen space.